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Flint Mayor Neeley’s fourth consecutive balanced budget approved by Flint City Council

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June 9, 2023


The Flint City Council passed Mayor Sheldon Neeley’s fourth consecutive balanced budget last night with no amendments and without any “no” votes.

“This balanced budget represents an increase in pay for all city workers as established through collective bargaining agreements, as well as increases in staffing levels and enhanced city services for residents,” Mayor Sheldon Neeley said. “We are very proud to see this administration’s fourth consecutive balanced budget brought to life for the benefit of the Flint community.”

Mayor Neeley initially introduced the budget to the Flint City Council on March 8, 2023. The budget invests in retiree pensions as required by state law and enhances public safety and city services, with no increase in property tax rates, fees, or utility costs for residents. The budget also includes an additional $1 million for blight elimination.

Information about the State of Michigan’s “Protecting Michigan Pensions” grant program was included in Mayor Neeley’s budget message to residents and the Flint City Council. The State of Michigan has allocated $170 million to stabilize the City of Flint’s pension fund through this program in the coming fiscal year, and the City continues to pursue an additional $50 million in funding.

“We are excited that our partners in the state legislature and Governor Whitmer have committed to supporting Flint residents and retirees by passing the Protecting Michigan Pensions program,” Flint City Administrator Clyde Edwards said. “By passing this legislation, they are sending a message that they have confidence in Flint’s continued growth and development as a strong economic driver in our region. As we’ve engaged in the process of securing these funds, we have been continually reassured by our State of Michigan partners that we are on track to receive these dollars to stabilize Flint’s pension fund. We are planning cautiously to ensure that the pension funding will have the greatest possible impact.”

In addition to Mayor Neeley’s budget presentation on March 8, the Flint City Council held four budget hearings on April 12, April 26, May 10, and May 15, where council members had the opportunity to dialogue with City of Flint department heads and other staff.

“I want to underscore the level of transparency provided in this budget process,” Mayor Sheldon Neeley said. “In addition to my annual presentation of the budget and the documentation made available to the public, City of Flint staff participated in four budget hearings with city council members and did an outstanding job sharing information and demonstrating the impact of their work on quality of life in the city of Flint. The administration came to the table in the spirit of collaboration, and we are pleased with the outcome.”

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